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The Inside Voice #15- “Give Me” and The Inside Voice #16- “To the Wind”

“Give Me”

Give me shorter work weeks
so life doesn’t pass by

Give me mountains
with a lake beneath them

With lush grass
and moody skies

Give me a porch
upon which I can sit

For life is better spent
where we feel most alive.

Captured this photo on our trip to Ireland. The view had a lot that I love. Water, green grass, misty mountain tops, gray skies.

I wrote this in my head while riding on a boat during our recent trip to Lake Barkley in Kentucky. I was thinking about how much I would love to live somewhere with beautiful scenery and imagining what my ideal views would look like.

“To the Wind”

I let things bother me
instead of casting them out
to the wind.

Oh, how I’d love
to watch them float away-
never to be seen again.

Snapped this on one of our hikes. I love textures and was a fan of the flattened grass swirling around the other plants

I have a bad habit of stewing on the tiniest of things at times. It often makes miniscule issues into more than they are in reality. I often wish certain things could roll off me and be forgotten instead.

See the images with the poems together on my Instagram page.

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