The Inside Voice, Explained

The Inside Voice is a creative series of words by me. Call them poems, call them quotes, call them whatever you like. Really, they are word vomit made up those thoughts and feelings inside of me. It’s not always easy to speak everything that you have jumbled up in your mind, so this is a way for me to express my inside voice–hence, The Inside Voice.

Along with my words are my photos. I’m not a professional photographer, but I enjoy taking pictures of things that make me feel something–even if they do nothing for anyone else. To me, including them with my words adds another layer to them.

I’d love to hear your interpretation of each poem as well as your thoughts! So don’t be shy 🙂

To see the photos and the words that are featured here combined, head on over to my Instagram page.

Disclaimer: The title card for “The Inside Voice” is the only one that is not my own photo

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