Weekly Brain Dump: It’s Too Bad We Can’t Travel All the Time and Junk Food Isn’t Good For You

It’s a fresh start to a new week for me and time for my weekly brain dump!

I started today off feeling pretty refreshed since I slept a LOT more than usual this week. 9-10 hours a night when I typically max out around 7. I think my body was playing catch up from weeks prior with little sleep and a messed up routine. Coming into this evening, I’m still feeling refreshed but also rather moody as I often am.

I didn’t have one singular thing dominating my headspace this week like I did for my brain dump prior, so I am here to ramble on about a couple of things!


Traveling has a consistent home in my head and in my heart, but this week it weighed heavy on both. I officially rescheduled my big trip for 2022 and I’m sad about it. Since its original date of May 2020, this is the third time it’s been moved to a new date. I really hope it sticks this time.

It’s just an extra bummer for me, because the trip was something my gut kept telling me that I needed to do, but it took nearly a year of overthinking to finally grow the balls to book it. And then COVID happened and it was postponed indefinitely.

I avoided changing it again in hopes that things would positively progress, but unfortunately even if all the international restrictions weren’t in place, I don’t think I’d have the full experience if I went right now.

In turn, I have such a travel itch right now and I’m desperate to go SOMEWHERE. There are plenty of spots in the US and I love outdoorsy trips, which are perfect for these COVID times! It’s just hard to plan something with Chris’s schedule and when I still hope to use minimal time off to prepare for my big trip when I’m able to take it.

Fingers crossed the world’s safer for all of us to have the adventures/experiences we yearn for soon!

WTF. How Much Food Should I Be Eating?!

Back in January, I started weight lifting consistently again for the first time in YEARS. I’d been pretty good with small, steady weight loss before then, but now I seem to be stuck. Either the same or gaining a little here and there. I know muscle weighs more than fat but my inches have not budged either.

They say the kitchen is the most important part and most days I cannot tell if I need to eat less or more. I know on weekends I need to eat better in general. To me, the standard 1200 daily calories is a nonsense number the weight loss industry decided to start idealizing and is not a one size fits all for most people. It’s requiring a lot of trial and error to figure out how much I should be eating. I don’t even particularly like counting calories because I feel like it promotes an unhealthy mindset around food(at least for me).

This upcoming week I’m going to try meal planning ahead of time (and a delivery service for my lunches to take out the prep work/time that I hate). I’m also going to try to eat more on the days I have more intense workouts, and less on my more lowkey days and see how it goes! I’m sure I’ll be keeping you posted.

Doggos…and no, I don’t care if Gen Zs think I’m old for saying that.

I know we said we wanted to wait awhile before getting one, but why must there be so many sweet babies up for adoption lately?? I can’t resist staring at all their pictures. Chris is probably sick of me only showing him puppy photos on my phone lately.

But also, I don’t want to hurt Zorra(my cat)’s feelings by getting her a dog sibling.

What have you guys been up to this week? What’s been crowding your thoughts?

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