Closing the Loop and Giving Your Mental Energy a Boost

  • Washing my laundry but taking ages to fold and put it away. Taking it a step further, I often wash it and miss the step of putting it in the dryer. Then I have to wash again. I may even have two baskets full of folded laundry (and a load in the dryer) as we speak. 
  • Not returning my weights or mat the three feet to their spot when I’m finished with my morning workouts
  • Not responding to texts after I read them and forgetting to respond for extended amounts of time
  • Writing out blog posts but taking ages to put them together in their complete form.
  • Piling up the dirty pans as I cook (and making the counters messy) instead of cleaning as I go
  • My half-organized basement closet

Bigger Loops to Tackle

Look at the Bigger Picture

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