My Top 5 Favorite Podcasts to Pass the Time

Why I Love It

Early in the podcast, Ramit only interviews very wealthy couples, which some people may not relate to. I certainly don’t relate to them but I was still hooked regardless. If you don’t mind, start at the beginning with episode one. 

If you want to start where he introduces more relatable incomes, start with the following two-part episodes:

Episode 29, part 1 – “I Never Know When Spending Money on Something Will Be an Issue With Him”

Episode 30, part 2 – “I Want to Change—But Can I Keep the Truck?”

I’d also recommend checking out the show on Netflix!

If you are more into fictional stories and production value, the Bright Sessions might be your next podcast.

The Bright Sessions is a science fiction podcast that follows Dr. Bright, a therapist who works with individuals with supernatural abilities (also known as atypicals). The story begins with recordings of these therapy sessions Dr. Bright records for research on her patients’ abilities.

It evolves as she develops stronger bonds with her patients and they start crossing paths outside their individual therapy sessions. At the center of everything is AM—a corrupt organization that studies and experiments on atypicals. Dr. Bright also shares a rocky complicated past with the organization and may have ulterior motives herself, including the rescue of a long-lost brother.

“There is no measuring stick for suffering. If it hurts you, it hurts. If it’s heavy for you, it’s heavy.”

Nora McInerny

Where to Start

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