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The Inside Voice #17 -“Stages” and #18- “Fires”


Isn’t it funny
how you are different people
at different stages in your life
yet still, somehow,
entirely the same.

When I wrote this, I thought about times in my childhood where I felt exactly the same as I do as an adult. This got me thinking about all the changes we endure as people throughout our lifetimes, yet how we remain the same person at our core. It’s a crazy thought some days I feel completely different and others it’s like nothing has changed.


Young children
are taught to evacuate-
to let others put out fires.

As they grow old,
they still allow others
to extinguish the fire burning within.

I thought about how many children are taught to fear or to allow the adults to handle any situation they may find themselves in. I wonder, if this fear seeps into adulthood, causing us to question our own desires and doubt ourselves. We project these fears onto one another, unintentionally putting out the sparks we have in our souls.

Which one was your favorite? What do they mean to you?

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2 thoughts on “The Inside Voice #17 -“Stages” and #18- “Fires”

  1. Oooh, I love these, Cheyenne. They really get you thinking!

    Your second poem, “Fires,” is powerful. I believe we are each born with a unique set of skills, talents, and creative abilities. Those firey passion we have inside of us, even as children, should lead us to our purpose. Sadly, as your poem beautifully says, that fire gets extinguished. Sometimes it’s done deliberately, others unintentionally. Either way, it’s tragic. I can only imagine how much happier and more authentic we’d be if we allowed our true selves to shine, no matter what that looks like!

    I also relate to your poem, “Stages.” It’s true – there is so much about us that doesn’t change. That’s why watching a kid is so special. If we let them, they’ll show us who they are!

    Another awesome post ♥

    1. It’s so sad thinking about all the times your own fires have been extinguished in life and watching it happen in others. I would love to see a world where we all allowed our true selves to shine <3

      Thanks for another lovely comment!! I love reading them!

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