Series The Inside Voice

The Inside Voice #9 -“For Two” and The Inside Voice #10 – “Patriotism”

“For Two”

I enjoy the silence
and I thrive in solitude,
but when you are here
the silence is too loud;
the solitude too lonely.

Those feelings are not made for two.

For two is about being at home in your own company, but realizing how lonely it can be around other people when you don’t feel like there is a genuine connection. I am a huge introvert, so I often feel rather lonely in crowds of people. I prefer actually being alone to feeling alone around others and this was a nod to those feelings.


Take pride in where you come from,
but have a heart for fellow man.
Americans are not the only humans
who are worth a damn.

I often hear a lot of people who are proud to be American, but have a tendency to look down upon those who are not. I’m all for being proud of your home country, but I don’t think it should ever be a reason to look down on people of different nationalities or view non-Americans as less than. It breaks my heart to see such close-minded people out there, and these kind of comments sparked the inspiration for this addition to The Inside Voice.

Which one is your favorite this week? What do the poems mean to you personally?

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