Series The Inside Voice

The Inside Voice #23 – “Bodies” and The Inside Voice #24 – “A Hand”


We are poisoned
into thinking
that good bodies
are small bodies.

We must be soft,
but not too soft.
Have curves
but not rolls-not bones.

Will women ever
love themselves
while exposed to these
misguided ideals?

We could all lead
lives very much the same,
but our bodies never would be.

They will always be different-
uniquely our own.

I think it’s incredibly silly how certain body types are idolized and considered the perfect measure of a healthy person. It’s so hard to be comfortable in your own skin in this age of social media. I’ve seen beautiful women of all shapes and sizes, and I bet every one of them has felt insecure about their bodies. I wanted to write a poem about it because I feel like it’s something many of us are exposed to and struggle with.

“A Hand”

A hand is only a hand
until yours reaches for mine
in the night.

They say to never go to bed angry, but I’ll admit I often do. It’s usually while I’m sleeping that forgiveness happens – particularly when your hand reaches for mine in that sleepy, not quite awake state and I’m simply left with a heart full of love.

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4 thoughts on “The Inside Voice #23 – “Bodies” and The Inside Voice #24 – “A Hand”

  1. I love this poem ! It’s so true about the society we live in, we are conditioned from a young age that being skinny means being beautiful. It’s simply not true.
    Thank you for this reminder.

    1. I’m glad you enjoy it! It is so sad how we are conditioned to be insecure with our bodies so early on. It is something so many struggle with!

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