Series The Inside Voice

The Inside Voice #21 – “Roadkill” and #22 – “Tired”


You have no yellow tape –
no detectives on the scene.
Cars drive past –
cars that wouldn’t, if it were me.
Why is my life worth more, I wonder?
You’re far less flawed than me.

I get incredibly sad any time I see roadkill while I’m out driving. Animals are such pure souls that it seems unfair that they should die as a result of us. They are living creatures just as we are, but we don’t view them in the same way. This poem is just a nod to this train of thought.


Being tired hits differently
when you feel tired
in your soul.

I feel this one is fairly self explanatory. I’m certain we’ve all felt emotionally tired in one way or another and know how strongly our bodies can react to it.

What do you think? Which one was your favorite of the bunch today? Does anyone else get moody and introspective at the sight of roadkill, or just me?

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