Series The Inside Voice

The Inside Voice #19 – “Cheering” and the Inside Voice #20 -“On This Day”


The blades of grass
cheered in the wind-
swaying like the crowd
during a rock ballad.

I liked to imagine
that they were cheering
just for me.

I came up with this poem while sitting next to a nearby pond on a particularly windy day, watching the blades of grass dancing in the wind. I imagined them like little people and was reminded of all of the people at concerts swaying and having a good time.

“On This Day”

A turn of the doorknob,
your feet over the threshold-
And that was all the happiness
I needed
on this day.

I wrote this while thinking about how happy I feel when boyfriend comes home from work. It’s something that is so simple, but manages to bring a smile even on the worst of days.

Which poem was your favorite of the bunch? Do any resonate or mean something different for you?

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