Series The Inside Voice

The Inside Voice #11- “More” and The Inside Voice #12 – “Silence”


I stared into the abyss
of my loneliness
head on-
challenging it.

And though my heart
in my hollow chest-
I stood tall.

I faced the beast
of my own creation
before it could swallow me

and I said to it,
“I want more”

“More” is inspired by my tendency to ruminate on things that bother me until I spiral myself into a sort of black hole of a mood. It’s about wanting to do more with my life, but spiraling in my head about it until finally deciding that enough is enough and I need to begin showing up for myself.


Silence is deadly
or so they say.
Look at the people
trying so hard
to make it go away.

To me,
silence is soothing,
because those my mouth
is quiet,
my brain is always

This is fairly self explanatory. I thrive in silence because I tend to be constantly in my thoughts. I wrote this after observing some people out there who seem to have such a hard time in silence and use every opportunity possible to fill it.

Which one is your favorite?

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