Ikos All-Inclusive Resorts: An Overview of Aria and Dassia

About the Ikos Resorts We Visited

Ikos Dassia

Our upgraded Sea View Suite at Dassia

The view from our balcony

Our welcome macarons – yum!

Dessert sampling from Flavor’s Buffet at lunchtime

Even the coffees are happy at Ikos!

You can see both the margarita and the chimes in question in this photo.
I’ve yet to find an espresso martini that compares to an Ikos one.

Wine tasting experience you can book at the Ikos Resorts

At Aria, the dine-out experience and sunset cruise are separate activities you’ll need to book each one. We tried both experiences during our stay.

For the dine-out option, you take a shuttle to Mylotopi village and restaurant in the heart of Kefalos. Mylotopi is high up on a hill with stunning views of the bay and the property features a 1000+-year-old windmill and a tunnel leading into the courtyard. It is a beautiful property and I think it would have been nice to visit during the day rather than the evening so we could explore more of the area.

For dinner, there was a set menu for Ikos guests rather than getting to experience the restaurant in full. The food wasn’t my favorite that we experienced, but it was still good and I think the atmosphere of Mylotopi makes it worth the visit. If you don’t have time and want to sample all the on-site restaurants instead, a great alternative would be stopping by on your rental car day.

Aria’s sunset cruise requires you to take a shuttle to the dock in Kefalos. We were greeted by the enthusiastic skipper, Yannis, who provided us with local cheese, veggies, and plenty of wine during our sunset cruise. A few brave souls even opted for the Ouzo. I could not imagine drinking a full glass of the stuff, but the man next to us had two! Music was played and every time a refill was poured, an enthusiastic “Yamas!” (cheers, but Greek) was shouted by all.

The sunset cruise was such a blast with Yannis’s energy and stories. He went around asking where everyone was from, opening the door for the guests to interact with one another.

Though I love spending time in the water at the beach, I can always burn through a good book relaxing by the pool. Ikos Resorts boasts some incredible pool areas and chances are you’ll find a favorite to visit during your stay. Our only complaint was that the pools close at 6 pm (except the Spa pools).

Adult’s only pool off the deluxe lobby.

Spa Pool
Blurry White Party selfie
Post White Party elevator selfie

At the top!

Evening entertainment in the Teatro

*Disclaimer – I am not affiliated with Ikos Resorts and am documenting my personal experience from our travels there.

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