I Finally Covered Up the Matching Tattoo I Got With My Ex

Almost nine years ago, I got a matching tattoo with my ex.

I know you’re cringing right now…I am too.

At the time, I knew it was a bad decision but I was young, naïve, and wanted a tattoo—Plus he was paying, so why not?

What I didn’t realize at the time was how the whole thing was all about manipulation and control. He presented the idea and everything after that was his plan. He chose the design, which I didn’t love in the first place. I wasn’t comfortable telling him this for fear of how he’d react. At least his wanting a matching tattoo meant he planned on sticking around, right?

We’d already broken up once about nine months before, but the relationship was tumultuous and it was never a clean break. I assumed since we went back to being a couple that he must have missed me. In reality, it was probably because it was easier that way, and allowed him to enjoy the best of both worlds.

It only drew out the inevitable, and we broke up for good four months later.

It’s crazy how the red spots faded over time in the original!

After that, I started dating my fiancé Chris. Several years before we got engaged, I knew I was in it for the long haul and told myself (and him, though he was never bothered by it) that I wanted to get it covered up before we got married.

I waited so long because I thought the tattoo was well done and had grown used to it anyway. At least it wasn’t his name (I’m looking at you, Mom)! Still, I often made up what it was for or danced around the question.

Now, eight months before I get married, I finally got that cover-up.

I didn’t think it bothered me that much until the second the tattoo artist added the last bit of shading over it and I felt a huge amount of relief wash over me. I wasn’t expecting that. All these years, I had been carrying a reminder I didn’t want and although it didn’t distress me, it was still always there.

It’s nice meeting new people and realizing they’ll never know me with that small connection to my past. I’ll never have to awkwardly explain or feign meanings behind it again.

Now, I’m glad to look down at something that makes me smile instead of something that only makes me think of more difficult and emotional times in my life. It feels good to know that I no longer walk around with a tattoo that matches his.

We are not pieces of the same puzzle.

Besides, you know who I’ll love forever? My cat.

Anyone else ever make any silly tattoo decisions or been in a not-so-healthy relationship?

One thought on “I Finally Covered Up the Matching Tattoo I Got With My Ex

  1. I am glad you managed to got rid of something you did not want on your body. Tatoo is a really personal choice since it is tgere to mark you forever. Such a choice should not be made by anyone else appart from ourselves. Personally, I never thought of having a tattoo. I like seeing them on others. I don’t have anything against the idea. I just know myself and I know how much I change over the years. I would not choose to have a tattoo cause I don’t think I want to be marked with something I might not have a connection with as I grow older. Your story was an excellent example of how we might make a choice we regret later because we were in an unhealthy relationship. Thank you!

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